Progressive gardening offers many advantages for food and flower production.

Home Grown Lettuce via the hydroponic method.

Fresh Flowers via the Organic Method

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Information On How To Grow Enormous Vegetable Yields in a Small Space! Great Learning Experience For Kids!

Gardening. The world's most popular hobby. A hobby that not only provides spiritual renewal, stress relief and insight into the cycle of life, but one that gives back beneficial and sustainable by-products, namely, food, herbs, flowers, and even medicines.

The amount of research that has been devoted to the growth of plants is astonishing. From federally funded and university research teams to backyard botanical tinkerers, advancements in plant growing techniques number in the thousands, yet very little of this valuable information has been made available to backyard gardeners and hobby plant growers for their benefit. was created to keep you abreast of the You Can Grow Plants Anywhere, Even On A Wall In The Middle Of The City! There is no soil in this picture, every plant is growing in a new kind of soil substitute called rockwool.latest gardening techniques, supplies, and equipment so that everyone can reap the numerous benefits, including increased yields, reduced need for pesticides, food safety, water conservation, and more that have been made attainable through the continuing advancements in horticultural science.

The is the same garden as above, one year later. Remember, this is a dirt free zone!As an example, the patio gardening images on the right are of the same patio, taken approximately one year apart. While these results would be impressive by any standard, you may be surprised to learn that there is not a single speck of soil or dirt in this garden. The entire garden is planted with a new container gardening media called rockwool.


The Progressive Gardening Trade Association works with many organizations to further the use of progressive gardening techniques in classrooms of all grade levels. For the past several years, we have worked in conjunction with the National Gardening Association, The Grow Store in Colorado and numerous product manufacturers to provide indoor hydroponic gardening grant packages to elementary, middle and high schools. These packages provide eligible schools with the equipment and expertise that encourage students to explore how plants grow in hydroponics, without soil, which provides real world experience for subjects including biology, mathematics, science, and many others. We are in the process of revamping our grant program, so please check back soon for more information.


We invite you to explore the website where we hope that you will expand your knowledge on the many new plant growing innovations as well as the revival of tried and true organic methods for growing your garden.

Cooperative Efforts

The Progressive Gardening Trade Association works in cooperation with the following organizations to promote awareness of world hunger issues and how progressive gardening techniques can help to enable sustainable local food production.

Institute of Simplified Hydroponics Hydro For Hunger Plant A Row For The Hungry